A Corporal punishment session or judicial whipping is the most harsh and intense type of Discipline Sir Robert offers. Corporal Punishment is physical punishment for a crime committed. You tell Sir Rob what you have done and then he will determine what you deserve as a punishment for the transgression you have done. A CP session does not include a safe word or warm up and also only the minimal after care is provided for the session. Before this type of session you will be gagged and restrained. This type of session is very much about pain and physical cleansing. Because this type of session is so harsh it will more then likely cause deep bruising and some times there are skin breaking. I do admit this type of session is not meant for the faint of heart.  This type of Session is only given on request after quiet few negotiation sessions are discussed prior to a CP Session.



 This is the most realistic of the type of spanking session I offer.The implements this type of session could include are: hand, paddle, strap, leather belt, and as well as other implements that are found in most households or schools. This type of session can be both Real type of transgression or role played type of scenario. The type of role plays common in Domestic discipline are: Dad/daughter, Teacher/Student, Best Friend/disciplining friend, Husband/wife Principle/Student.



The E mail spanking Session is free for those who cannot make it to the Cleveland Ohio area for a session. All E mail type discipline can include all the falling: corner time, writing lines, self spanking (done by phone prearranged by e mail), and writing essays. You will Tell Sir Robert what you have done and then he will decide what you deserve for punishment for this type of session. Also web cam discipline is also available. 


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